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Too many citizens in our area don’t qualify for insurance, can’t afford insurance or can’t afford the direct cost of healthcare services and medication. Therefore, YOUR GIFT WILL CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

Who We Are

A volunteer-based, free, non-profit
healthcare center that treats the whole
person and family.
The Community Care Center is a 501(C)(3)
tax-exempts non-profit corporations and
the largest and most comprehensive free
center in North Carolina.

What We Do

Provide healthcare services and
medicines to uninsured patients who
don’t qualify for federal or private
insurance and have family incomes
below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Why We Care

Every patient regardless of ability to pay,
language, or country of origin deserves
high quality healthcare delivered with
compassion, sensitivity and respect.


The Community Care Center sees
patients Monday through Thursday.
Our physicians represent a mix of
specialties handlingmost cases in-house.
Note: individuals with a life-threating
situation to go to an emergency room.
If you’re interest in becoming a patient,
click Patient


The Community Care Center exists at
the compassion of caring individuals
who support our mission to help the
whole person and family regardless
of their abilityto pay.
Our medical and non-medical staff
donate over 10,000 hours annually.
If you’re interested in becoming a
medical or staff volunteer, please
click, Volunteer